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The Alibaba of African E-Commerce, The Uber of Delivery.

Aleigro is usually referred to by local businesses as the Alibaba of Africa. We are helping thousands of small businesses adopt technology for sustainable growth.

2023 Q4 Company Report


Successful Delivery

5+ Cities

Across Cameroon


Registered Sellers


Customer Satisfaction

Unlocking Africa's Digital Economy through Commerce

Aleigro empowers Africa's 50+ million small and medium-sized enterprises by offering them affordable technology, tools, and convenient access to necessary products and services for sustainable growth.

$ 567.6 Billion

Total Addressable Market by 2028


CAGR 2021-2028

330 Million

Active Online Shoppers

Corporate Responsibility

At Aleigro, we believe in upholding corporate responsibility as an integral part of our mission. We are committed to making a positive and sustainable impact on the communities we serve across Africa.


Safeguarding data

We believe that safeguarding personal information, creating and enforcing data privacy and security policies, and building new privacy-enhancing technologies put our customers in control.

Diversity & Inclusion

We celebrate differences

Different approaches and opinions are encouraged, then we come together and build.


At the heart of what we do

Because we serve millions of people around the world every day, it is our responsibility to build for safety. In strengthening our processes, forming our Safety Advisory Board, and adding new tools, our aim is to reduce incidents not only on our platform, but everywhere.

Global Citizenship

Moving everyone forward

Our global platform puts us in a unique place to provide economic opportunity at scale, to make access to digital trade more equitable, and to create a sustainable future to help communities and the planet thrive.


Design for the 100%

Our technology is only as powerful as the people who can use it. We’re committed to giving everyone access to our technology, regardless of physical or technological limitations. We continue to refine our products so that everyone has the independence to use freely.


We reimagine the way trade is conducted by SMEs across Africa

Our platform enables and empowers a broad ecosystem of users, allowing merchants, importers, exporters, distributors, and manufacturers to expand their capabilities and grow their businesses using Aleigro’s technology rails.

Our Target
15 Million

African SMEs

25 Nations

Across Africa

330 Million

Online Shoppers

10K - 30K

Monthly Deliveries

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Frequently Asked Question

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about Aleigro. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is Aleigro?

Aleigro is an e-commerce company founded and registered in Cameroon and Delaware, USA, with the objective of meeting the demand for digital infrastructures that are tailored for African informal businesses. Our B2B, B2C Marketplace brings together manufacturers, producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers, on a single platform for the purpose of trade and exchange of services.

How long has the company existed?

Launched in 2021 as a minimum viable product, Aleigro has undergone a series of innovations that have transitioned it into a global platform for digital commerce. Aleigro is still in it's infancy but has steadily been growing to compete with Jumia, Glotelho, Alibaba, Amazon etc.

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