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Unleash your Imagination

Deliver relevant and personalised experiences on any channel and device. With Aleigro commerce service APIs, you can transform and optimise your business to compete with evolving consumer needs.

What can you Build?

Build Amazing Commerce Products.

We help our customers to embrace technology and innovation in their businesses to create new digital experiences for the next generation of devices, platforms and services.

Build with Aleipay

send, receive and make payments online on your digital store with Aleipay

Deliver Products with ADN

Deliver products to your customers through our innovative verified agents and partners across Africa.

Extended Integration

Integrate Aleigro with your Woocommerce marketplace.

VR/AR Experiences.

Bring your imagination to life through cutting-edge, immersive experiences.

Developer Communities & Coding Challenges

Join a developer community, take part in our partnered challenge programmes to grow your skills. Connect and learn from the industry experts across the Silicon Mountain community.

How Does Aleigro AR and VR Support Benefit Brands/Sellers?

We strongly believe both augmented reality and virtual reality have real, measurable benefits to eCommerce brands that directly impact sales, customer satisfaction levels and other key metrics.

Remove Friction From the Customer Journey

Rather than having to take a gamble and potentially send a pair of sunglasses back if they don’t look good, your customers can try the products they like on with AR instead,

Reduce Returns and Refunds

Try-before-you-buy AR initiatives represent an exciting opportunity to help reduce return rates for brand/sellers selling fashion products on

Improve Digital Marketing Efforts

When users click on the View in 3D button, they can either interact with your three-dimensional virtual product or ‘place’ it in their real-world environment with AR

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