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Google Pixel 4 XL Smartphone - 128GB/6GB RAM - 6.3'' - 16MP - 3700mAh (White)

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Product Description

The Pixel 4 XL 128GB Smartphone (Unlocked, Just Black) from Google is designed to provide a more intelligent and intuitive mobile experience. With a front NIR (Near-Infrared) flood emitter & dot projector, the Pixel 4 XL is capable of unlocking via facial recognition, even in extreme low-light environments. Additional sensors support Motion Sense for gesture control, and Ambient EQ to detect ambient light and automatically optimize the display to suit your environment.

The display of the Pixel 4 XL is a huge 6.3" QHD+ flexible OLED with a 19:9 aspect ratio, HDR support, 100,000:1 contrast, and full 24-bit color depth. When gaming or watching videos, Smooth Display technology can be switched on to adjust the refresh rate to 90 Hz, for more natural results. When it comes to mobile photography, the dual rear 16MP and 12MP cameras use phase detection for fast focusing, and a combo of optical & electronic image stabilization to produce sharp imaging results. An 8MP front camera delivers a 90 ° FOV for selfies that include more of your surroundings.

Running the Android operating system, this phone is powered by a fast 2.84/1.78 GHz Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and 6GB of LPDDR4x RAM. You can store your apps, 4K videos, and wide-angle selfies on 128GB of built-in storage. This phone is unlocked and compatible with GSM+CDMA/4G LTE networks. Connect to the internet and other devices with built-in 2.4+5 GHz Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) with 2x2 MIMO and Bluetooth 5.0. The Pixel 4 XL also supports NFC technology for making phone-to-phone data transfers or mobile payments where supported.

Android 10
The Android operating system integrates heavily with Google's services. It's a personalized and customizable OS, allowing you to add your favorite apps or widgets to your home screen. You can even download new themes using the Google Play Store, which offers access to millions of apps, games, books, music, movies, and more. Android 10 adds a wide variety of intelligent features, additional privacy controls, and other enhancements that make it more enjoyable to use your Android phone. Some features include Live Caption, which captions running videos, podcasts, and audio messages without needing Wi-Fi or cellular data; Smart Reply, which suggests both responses to and actions for texts; and Family Link, which lets you manage apps, set screen time limits, and more.
GSM+CDMA / 4G LTE Wireless Connectivity
This phone is designed to work on select GSM and CDMA networks and is 4G LTE capable. LTE is an advanced cellular network data protocol capable of data speeds so fast that they compete with wired broadband Internet providers. With an LTE connection, this phone should have no problem streaming HD video, downloading apps, uploading photos, or anything else that requires a high-speed data connection. The phone is also backwards compatible with 3G and 2G data for instances when you can't get LTE. In addition to cellular wireless, this phone also features Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Note: Not compatible with all cellular networks. Please make sure your provider uses a frequency or band that this phone supports, and that they will allow you to used carrier unlocked phones. You can check which bands this phone works within the Specifications.
Dual SIM Nano SIM + eSIM
Dual SIM Nano SIM + eSIM provides you with a traditional single Nano SIM card that can be used for your primary account/number, and a built-in eSIM for a secondary account/number, such as a work phone or temporary overseas number. When traveling, the eSIM can possibly lower your costs while keeping you connected. The eSIM is rewritable and can be used at the same time as the Nano SIM card, letting you receive calls and texts from each SIM without needing to manually switch between them. Note that compatibility and functionality are based on the carrier and operator charges may apply.
Motion Sense
A radar sensor in the front of the phone lets you use Quick Gestures to control and interact with your phone. For example, you can wave your hand above the screen to change tracks, snooze an alarm, or silence calls. The radar can even sense your hand approaching and will wake up the phone as you reach for it. It's an ideal feature to have when you don't want to touch the phone, such as when you're eating lunch or in the middle of cooking dinner.
Google Assistant
If you have a question, your phone likely has the answer. Built into the Pixel 4 XL is an updated version of Google Assistant, Google's digital assistant software that acts like your mobile sidekick. Either say "Hey, Google" or give the phone a squeeze on the sides to activate it. The updated version reacts to a more natural way of speaking. For example, ask it to show you photos from your vacation, then say "the ones with animals" to redo your search.

Google Assistant also knows what you're looking at and frequently used contacts. For example, while looking at a photo you can say "Share this with Jen", and Google Assistant will add the photo to a new text to a new text. You can ask it all sorts of questions and have it perform a myriad of tasks. Here's a variety of things you can do with Google Assistant and the power of your voice:

Multitask by asking for information without leaving the app you're in
Tell it to take a group selfie
Set a reminder to buy groceries
Set a wind down time to help you disconnect at the end of the day
Show specific groups of photos stored on Google Photos
Get the score of the game
Find out the weather
Navigate to a specific address or landmark
Dictate text messages and make calls
Camera Features
Night Sight lets you use the Pixel 4 XL to capture detail and color in the dark without a flash
An Astrophotography mode helps you capture photos of a starry night sky
Adjust exposure in separate parts of a photo
Portrait Mode results in photos with a blurred background, which makes the subject of your portrait stand out in the image
Super Res Zoom lets you take high-quality photos from far away
The Frequent Faces feature helps the Pixel 4 XL learn the people you photograph most, and Top Shot works to make sure the images of those people are of them smiling instead of blinking
Record videos at up to 4K/30 resolution
Slow motion video at 720p/240 or 1080p/120
Car Crash Detection
The Pixel 4 XL can sense if you've been in a car accident, and if it does, it will prompt you to speak or tap if you're ok or if you want the phone to call 911 for you. Note that this is an English only service that's only available in the United States
Live View
Used in Google Maps, Live View helps you navigate by overlaying arrows and directional icons on top of live video of your surroundings.
3 Months of Google One
Google provides three months of Google One service for free with the Pixel 4 XL. It gives you 100GB of cloud storage, access to online Pro Sessions with Google experts, and more - all in a sharable family plan.
Additional Features
Unlimited storage of high quality photos and videos with Google Photos
Facial Unlock lets you unlock your phone, access apps, and even make payments
Titan M security chip to help protect your sensitive data
IP68 rated dust and water resistance
Stereo speakers
Three microphones with noise suppression for clear conversations
Corning Gorilla Glass 5 display protection
Qi-certified wireless charging support
3 years of free security and OS updates
Google Play Protect automatically scans apps to help ensure your data and phone are secure
Recorder automatically transcribes speech to text, categorizes types of audio, and can search recordings to find the specific parts you need

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Google Pixel 4 XL Smartphone - 128GB/6GB RAM - 6.3'' - 16MP - 3700mAh (White)

190,000 FCFA